What is sales automation? 

Instead of relying on staff members to carry out every aspect of the sales process, sales automation tools enable you to automate a significant proportion of the sales journey.

With increased access to data and unlimited scope, sales process automation can successfully increase your conversion rate and bring in new business. 

How does sales automation software work?

Sales automation software is designed to make your life easier. Capable of storing customer data, prompting action and automating communication, sales automation software can successfully generate sales with or without additional staff interaction. 

Of course, every company is different, and your sales process should reflect your brand. If you facilitate high-cost, luxury processes, for example, your staff may have more involvement with each sale.

If so, sales automation tools can be used in-house to manage the sales cycle and, subsequently, customer lifecycle marketing. 

Staff members can record every client interaction within a sales automation platform and receive notifications, prompts and alerts when action needs to be taken.

With constant nurturing, you’ll never lose a sale because of a forgotten phone call or a mislaid message again. 

In addition to this, sales automation software can be used to generate conversions without any involvement from staff. If a customer abandons the checkout process, for example, your sales automation software will send them a promotional voucher to entice them to return.

Similarly, sales automation tools can be used to alert customers of offers and time-limited deals, in accordance with your existing marketing strategies. 

Why does sales automation work?

Depending on the type of business you’re running, you may facilitate thousands of sales every minute or you may be focused on delivering just a few sales each day. Regardless of which model you’re following, you’ll need a significant number of sales staff in order to facilitate every element of the sales process.

Invariably, the pressure on staff, combined with human error, means potential leads are missed and sales are lost.

With sales automation tools, however, you can make the most of every lead that comes in. As well as automatically capturing data and using it to generate sales, automation software will undertake the repetitive tasks which take up so much of your employee’s time.

This enables your workers to focus on conversions which require a personal touch and ensures time-consuming sales activities are completed automatically.

As artificial intelligence (AI) picks up speed, the potential for personalised sales automation is unlimited.

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