Grow Your Presence With Real Content

Most people don’t understand what they want when they enter a search term in Google. They might have a vague idea of the service or product they want, but it’s up to you to help steer them into your side of the court away from your competitors.

A gap analysis can help you grow your online presence by overhauling your content to provide real value to consumers. Whether it’s informative product descriptions or convincing blog posts to help them make purchase decisions, it’s important to provide real value with a bespoke website design expertly-designed content.

Gap Analysis Marketing

Gap analysis can be used to help your marketing efforts. By identifying the most popular keywords and how they stack up against the content on your website, we can help you refine your user experience to meet customer expectations.

Tailoring your website for the user is a simple concept that comes with many advantages. If you’re looking to understand your audience better, then a gap analysis can help you develop better marketing and content strategies.

Identify and Overcome Competitors

Understanding your competitors is a key responsibility of any online business. By identifying who or what you’re up against, you can steal competitor traffic thanks to content gap analysis and realising what customers really want from a business in your field.

Identifying and overcoming your competitors can be made simple with a gap analysis. Beat them at their own game by refining and improving on what they’ve failed to achieve.

JumpDT offers free consultations to help you identify where your website is failing and what you can do to fix it. If you’re interested in a gap analysis or want more information on our website consultancy services, don’t hesitate to contact us today.