A Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop Built For Success

Jump is a digital marketing agency with a difference. We don’t only understand the mechanism of modern online marketing; we also appreciate the need to find a digital marketing strategy that is tailored to your business.

From identifying the issues to finding the perfect solutions, we go the extra mile to achieve stunning results.

The discovery workshop is a key element of making it happen.

Whether you need a discovery workshop London or a discovery workshop Hertfordshire, Jump’s local presence and experience gives you the very best chance of plotting the next steps in a winning fashion.

We help you understand why the problems you currently face exist, and how they can be overcome.

Our experts will also work through the various pitfalls that you could face over the coming weeks and months.

This includes gaining insight into how you work and what makes the brand tick.

This information is then used to develop winning design strategies that are capable of giving your business a new lease of life while also setting it up for the sustained results you deserve.

The discovery consultation is completed in a relaxed environment that’s conducive of productive outcomes. During this meeting we will cover;

  • Goals and objectives,
  • Marketing and digital plans,
  • Prioritisation,
  • Other projects,
  • Mobilisation,
  • Key competitors,
  • Brand mission and values,
  • Audience and personas.


By the time the discovery meeting has been completed, you’ll have a clear image of where the business stands and, more importantly, the direction in which is headed.

Book Your Discovery Workshop Consultation Today

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