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Our Proven Digital Marketing Process


Are you ready to embark upon a voyage of digital discovery? If so, it’s time to begin your Jump Digital transformation.


At Jump DT, we have designed an innovative, results-driven process, which is designed to enable your business to capitalise on potent digital marketing methods to create more leads, improve conversion rates, and increase productivity.

Our unique Jump Digital Transformation onboarding process will iron out inefficiencies, highlight areas for improvement and overcome hurdles so that your business can realise its true potential. 

The Jump DT Process: a step-by-step guide

Using our experience, knowledge, and creative flair, we have compiled a step-by-step process for new and existing clients.

The aim is to provide a seamless customer experience, which addresses key areas that are broken into phases and prioritised according to your individual requirements and preferences. The JumpDT on-boarding process works as follows: 



The discovery consultation provides an opportunity for us to get to know you and your business, to identify the main challenges you face and to explore the myriad ways in which we can help you.

We use this informal half-day session to chat about your business aims, pinpoint obstacles and issues, to understand the reasons why these problems exist and to set the ball rolling in terms of finding effective solutions and pushing your business in the right direction.

Our sessions are run by our directors, and they include a full assessment of your sales and marketing strategies. 

Business owners and stakeholders come to us with a varied range of issues and challenges, and it’s our job to work through potential pitfalls, identify shortfalls and come up with customised solutions.

We use the time we have at the discovery consultation to get an in-depth understanding of how you work, what makes your brand tick, and what you’re hoping to achieve.

It’s crucial to us to get to know our clients so that we can provide tailored advice and design strategies that are capable of turning your fortunes around and enabling you to enjoy the results you deserve. 


Strategy & Planning

Once we have gathered information, data and ideas from your bespoke discovery session, our expert team will set about drawing up plans and designing a strategy to plug gaps, analyse your needs in more detail, establish business goals and KPIs and identify opportunities.

At this point, we liaise with decision-makers and stakeholders to organise and prioritise objectives in preparation to create a timeline for implementation. 

Planning is key to successful implementation, and we use rigorous processes to create watertight plans that focus on tackling issues and achieving the desired results. We work methodically, using our experience to build a strategy that we know will deliver. 


Project Timeline & Implementation

Once we have established exactly what we want to achieve as a collective, we can focus on producing a 90-day plan of action. This stage of the JumpDT process includes:

At every point in the journey, we communicate openly with our customers and clients. We want to encourage you to share ideas and thoughts, and we’ll always make sure that you know exactly what we’re planning. 


Launch, Optimise & Grow

After careful planning and laying down the groundwork, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the launch! Before we go live, the Jump Digital Transformation team will undertake split testing and reenact a soft launch to ensure everything is primed and ready.

The tests are used to make sure that the strategy is aligned with your primary objectives and KPIs and to finalise preparations before the official launch. At this juncture, we will work with clients to:

Once everybody is 100% happy with the finished article, we will go live. The soft launch plays an integral role in applying the finishing touches and making sure that everything is perfect before we take that all-important final step.

We strive for optimum results, and we’ll look to build on successes to facilitate continued growth post-launch. 

Are you struggling to make a mark with your current sales and marketing strategies? Is your business falling short of anticipated figures, or are your campaigns falling flat?

If you’re finding it difficult to attract attention, or sales have slumped or stalled, we’re here to bring about a brilliant transformation. Our experienced, innovative, talented team can help to identify weaknesses and gaps, overcome setbacks and increase the efficacy and impact of your strategies.

If you’d like to find out more about how we could put your business on the map, why not get in touch with Jump Digital Transformation today?

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