You may have a problem that many businesses have and that is that you have existing customers, you have enquiries and you are pushing leads into your business but your conversion rate is low.

Does this sound like a problem you have? If you have read our article on creating MORE LEADS you will beware that creating leads is what we call a “Top Of Funnel” process. It’s where you capture your leads from whatever you are doing to generate them. This may be Google Advertising, Facebook Advertising, Emails Campaigns or Exhibitions, Networking and so on. Whatever it is that you are doing to create leads is great but it’s all about the conversion.


How To Convert More Sales

In fact, before we dig deeper into “How To Convert More Sales” take a moment to watch the video below. In this video, you will hear the experience of one of our clients who had 30,000 contacts in a database and how we created a re-engagement campaign that converted this database into £28,000 plus of sales in 5 days.


Triangle Testimonial 


So if you have watched the video above you will know that a really good engagement campaign will yield great results. If you skipped watching the video above I highly recommend you go back and watch if you are serious about resolving your conversions issues. Lets now break down the process of achieving better conversions and highlight where many are going wrong.

I’m going to use the case study of Triangle Nursery to help you understand how we converted a database of contacts into buying customers, the full case study can be found here: Triangle Nursery Marketing Automation Case Study

Databases are great but a good database is rare, take a moment to think about your database and its management. This is usually the first stumbling block that we come across when working with a client. As most businesses have very weak data management and usually lack a CRM system. The database can be very much the biggest issue a business poses.  You can discover more about the CRM capabilities of Infusionsoft by clicking here: Infusionsoft CRM

So the first area to focus on when looking to convert your existing data is the quality of your data. We would recommend the first action you take is to cleanse your data. This is best done through a simple process of reducing your business and asking what your contacts are interested in. What do they want to receive from you in terms of information and segmenting your data is key to creating more value from your database.

There is no point sending emails about red shoes if your client is interested in black shoes! It’s one of the biggest mistakes that businesses make at all levels of marketing not just email campaigns. If you don’t understand your ideal client then you are not doing ideal targeting and marketing. You can discover how to find your ideal client by clicking here: Ideal Client Workbook

Your first campaign needs to be a re-engagement campaign, you need to sift that data and find out where the gold is. All you need to do is to create an email campaign that asks key questions that will help you establish who wants information from you and what they want to receive from you. It’s going to be an enlightening experience for you, let’s be upfront and transparent here, you will lose data and you might not get what you’re expecting from the database your hold.

List size isn’t everything. The big benefit to the process of re-engaging your database is working on those that are interested and filtering those that are not. This often equals an increase in conversions. It can be near impossible to convert every lead that enters your sales funnel and therefore, performing list hygiene is important. Wasting time on non-engaged leads can create you more damage to your ability to send marketing emails and/or utilising remarketing adverts.

You then need to have in place a nurture campaign that re-establishes rapport, educates and leads your contacts to further actions. Once you establish this with existing contacts, apply it to new contacts and you will see your conversions grow.

Marketing automation is a key tool in the process of nurturing your contacts to conversion and increasing your sales. Creating effective and well thought out campaigns will not only assist in better conversion rates but will also increase your productivity. If you want to understand more about automation and productivity the take a moment to read our article on How To Achieve More Productivity

With automation software such as Infusionsoft integrated into your marketing ecosystem, you will very quickly see more leads, more conversions and more productivity within your business.


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