Why Your Website Is Your Most Valuable Asset – Website Design and Website Development

I still find it amazing that some businesses don’t have a website or have their first website built ten years ago as their current site! When I started off in business there was no internet so there were no websites. Today a website is your most valuable asset, so make sure you read on and discover why your website is key to your business success.

So why do I say, “Why Your Website Is Your Most Valuable Asset?” With Google now processing over 40,000 search queries every second on average which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide how can you ignore the importance of your website.

With your website being such a valuable asset why do so many businesses either underinvest or get it so wrong when developing their website. The biggest opportunity you have right now for business exposure is on the internet. The thing is that you have to get it right because if you don’t you will lose opportunities all day long.

Five Ways to Achieve Website Success

Here are five key factors to ensuring your website is your most valuable asset and achieves the true purpose of a website which is creating more leads and more conversions for your business.

1. Create clarity when developing your website

Ensure that you have a clear message of what you do or offer on your website, so your visitors understand what your website is about. You have only seconds to create engagement with your visitors so make sure you deliver what you do or offer instantly. Take a look at the Jump Digital Transformation website jumpdt.com and you will see that we deliver the message of what we do “Digital Marketing Automation – To Attract More Customers” very quickly. You may want to deliver your “Why” or “Mission Statement” but make it clear and steer clear of a huge amount of text straight away, think powerful headline, statement and get your visitors engaged.

2. Follow best website design practices

Make sure you understand the above the fold rule. Now, this goes back to the age of newspapers that when a paper appeared on a newsstand and was folded in half that the most important half was in view (the above the fold part). This was the element of the paper that contained the big news headlines to grab your attention to buy the paper.

You must do the same with your website, everything that will engage, and capture interest needs to be above the fold, that’s the area on your laptop or desktop that views from the bottom to top. You will see that we use key factors in our website in the fold area. The video we play is there to grab attention and stop you from moving on. We have a pop up that comes from the right to make you realise what you are looking for. Take a moment to view our website www.jumpdt.com and see what is in the above the fold area. It’s all there for a reason.

3. Create interest on your website

Make sure you offer something for free to your visitors. This will enable you to capture data in exchange for their details. Adding a submission box or some form of pop up will enable you to gain data. Make sure that you offer something of real value that will help your visitors. If you are business looking for instant sales from your website, which is totally achievable as our clients achieve that, then you need a really clear and easy to use enquiry/request a quote form. You must understand that the structure of your form is crucial to achieving more conversions from the traffic that comes to your website.

4. Website development with movement

Make it move! Yes, I want you to realise the importance of using visual marketing on your website on the homepage and in other areas of your website. What I’m talking about here is using video as we do on our “About Page”, it’s a great way to catch your visitor’s attention and to explain offerings, products or services quickly. You will see that we use a video as a background drop to align with the message of what we offer. This allows us to give a visual and text delivery to allow visitors to read or view. You will also see that we have explainer videos throughout our website to explain key packages and to deliver information such as how we succeed and in the more about us section. People don’t read huge sections of text in general, but they will watch short videos.

5. Your website must be designed with a call to action

I have saved one of the most important elements to last! You must ensure you have a CTA (Call to Action). If you go to all the effort of building and investing in a website then make sure you have a strong CTA, so visitors are pushed into a further journey through the website, a form is submitted, they call you or email you. So many businesses make big mistakes here such as leaving phone numbers off the home page and only having their phone number on the contact page. They have contact forms that are not structured correctly, they don’t obtain the key information they need and don’t make it easy for the visitors. Make sure you have a strong call to action and you will see your conversions increase.

This is only a short article and there are many factors that combine when building a website to ensure your website does become one of your most valuable business assets. You must not ignore that your website in most instances is the first or second experience your potential customers have with you. Your website is your shop window, we have all ignored going into a shop when we don’t understand what it offers, or it’s been neglected and looks uninviting. Your website needs to be kept updated, it needs maintenance and needs to be inviting. You need that experience of drawing people into your website, taking them on a journey and sending them off with a good experience. Its what people have always done in the physical sense of business experience.

Website design and development from Jump Digital Transformation 

Here at Jump Digital Transformation, we will help you to achieve a website that creates more leads and more conversions for you. Before you make costly website design and website development mistakes make sure you understand your objectives and desired outcomes from your website. The Jump website design and website development team based in Hertfordshire will work with you to map out your website plan. Our unique discovery process ensures you create the website design you need. No website agency should create a website design or website development without understanding your challenges, needs, outcome, and objectives.

Learn more about Jump Digital Transformation on our “About” website page.