How do you become more productive?

It’s a huge question but one that is easy to answer when you understand what automation adds to your working day. How often have you heard that the best, most successful and highly profitable businesses have great processes and systems in place?

Well, it’s true if you don’t have defined and ingrained processes and systems in your business, then you are not going to succeed to the levels that you could.

Our golden triangle is made up of three strategic points that link together to create business success. These three points are;

If you don’t have systems and processes in place you will not deliver your service or products in a way that will elevate you to a leading business in your market sector. When you have a seamless customer process, you will see more raving fans, referrals and brand awareness. You will see your bottom line grow and your business thriving while others are just surviving.

Do you want to be a thriver or survivor?

How Does Automation Make You More Productive?

So what is it that automation can add that will assist you in becoming more productive?

The answer is not a simple one because it’s about discovering what you do right now and what could you do to automate that.

Let’s explore a few examples of common areas that we identify when exploring our client’s productivity.

  • How you supply estimates and quotations to customers.
  • How you monitor interaction with your estimates and quotations that you deliver by email.
  • How you follow up on estimates and quotations.
  • What process do you have for leads that are not interested?
  • What process do you have for leads that want to buy?
  • What does your sales process look like?
  • Is your sales process people/resource intensive?
  • How do you follow up customers that you have sold to?
  • What do you have in place as a referral process?
  • How can you create an easy booking system for appointments, surveys and customer visits?

Your list is dependant on what your needs are, what you are doing now and where you want to improve. Understanding what your needs are, where we can automate and improve your processes defines what we apply automation to so you become more productive.

Understand why discovery is so important by reading this article: How To Discover What You Need In Your Business

Automation software is the way forward for businesses looking to be productive and have better systems in place. We utilise the key functionality of Infusionsoft by Keap to create not only campaigns but processes to make you more productive.

Our skillset and experience in the area of automation enable us to integrate third-party software systems into our automation offering. This is one of our key ways of creating digital transformations within businesses. Once you become more productive, you become more successful.

Are You Seeking a Productivity Solution?

Jump Digital Transformation can help you enter the world of marketing automation and develop your processes and systems through automation. As a certified partner of Infusionsoft and with a highly experienced automation team, we have everything you need to accelerate your productivity.

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