So You Want Discover How To Create More Leads?

What is it that causes businesses to fail more than anything else?

Sales leads, the lack of them that is, yes it’s the one thing that businesses always want more of and few are good at attaining.

How To Create More leads?

Firstly, you need to be in front of your ideal customers more often and build awareness. This means you have to look at what we call your TOFU, that stands for “Top of the Funnel”, this is where you draw your potential or existing customers into your sales lead funnel.

This is the phase of the lead generation process that is all about nurturing and educating. It is not about selling, let me repeat that; is not about selling, it’s about adding value, it’s about understanding and delivering your “WHY” more than your “WHAT”.

If you don’t know your “WHY” then read this article Discovering Your Why”.

How Do You Develop Your Top of Funnel?

Developing your top of the funnel is all about structuring a process that will engage, educate and nurture those that are drawn to your business.

Obviously, your biggest audience is online but that doesn’t mean you forget your offline opportunities. There has never been a better opportunity than now, to leverage a myriad of ways to attract customers to your business in a cost-effective manner.

Your top of the funnel process needs to be mapped out and built into an automated campaign. This is not a manual process it is about planning and structuring a campaign that has a goal.

Your campaign should always be driven by the goal you have in place. One of the key goals we work to is to obtain customer data. If you can gain key data such as a personal name and key contact details then you have some powerful data at your disposal.

When you’re looking to obtain data you need to understand who your ideal client is. If you’re not sure who your ideal client is then taking the opportunity to download our free workbook on “How To Discover Your Ideal Client” contact us to request your copy.

Once you know who your ideal client is, you will open up a world of understanding on how to target your ideal clients more effectively. You will understand where you can find them, what they are like, what they read, what is important to them and so on.

What this enables you to do is to create an effective lead generation campaign through advertising in the right places with the right messages. When you understand your ideal client you will find that not only do you start to generate more leads but the cost of acquisition will decrease.

Where Do I Advertise To Attract More Leads?

This is the million-dollar question but making a decision becomes a lot easier when you understand who you are looking to attract to your business, and understanding your ideal client makes that an easier task.

You can take advantage of many ways of advertising such as Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising, Social Media Marketing plus email marketing to name but a few.

You can use highly effective retargeting campaigns, target the email and mobile data you have plus build new audiences of your ideal clients through Facebook lookalike audiences.

Whichever route you decide to take you need to make sure that your campaigns are well structured in terms of images used and the words you create in your advertising, social media or emails.

You need to lead back those that you attract to well thought out and structured landing pages that incorporate a compelling offer, a strong call to action (CTA) and a way for you to gain what you need from those that visit your landing page.

Where Do You Start When Building a Successful Lead Funnel?

One of the first places we always focus on with a client before exploring paid advertising or social media marketing is their current clients, their current database and those that know them already.

There are quick wins here so this is a great starting point. Check out this great case study: £28,000 Plus of Sales on in 5 days.

How many times have you mentioned a service or a product to a client and they replied; ”I didn’t know you did that?” or “sold those”.

You know it happens so what are you going to do about it? Why does it happen? Because you haven’t nurtured and/or educated your clients as well as you should of!

This is where having marketing automation in place makes all the difference. It’s why every business needs to nurture and educate existing and potential new customers.

Using automation creates a consistent flow of information to nurture and educate your customers to sales. Using automation software such as Infusionsoft by Keap or ActiveCampaign becomes so essential to your lead generation and sales success that it cannot be ignored.

Do you need marketing automation? Not sure what marketing automation is?

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Are You Seeking a Lead Generation Solution?

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