Maintaining a strong online presence is an ever-evolving battle. In the past, it was all about abusing keywords, backlinks and search engine algorithms in order to stay at the top.

Now, there are more factors than that go into determining your search engine ranking, making it a constant fight to stay on top of your competition.

Waging your digital marketing war on multiple fronts is taxing on your resources. That’s why it’s important to choose your battles carefully and invest in marketing strategies that have a high chance of profitable returns.

But how exactly do you gather the intel required for this and how do you get an edge on your competition?

The answer lies in integrated digital marketing.

What is Integrated Digital Marketing?

What is Integrated Digital Marketing?

As the name suggests, integrated digital marketing is a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that combines multiple different approaches and technologies.

It’s about creating a consistent brand image across all of your marketing channels, and also combining different technologies in order to reach your audience across different channels.

Integrated digital marketing typically involves anything digital that helps to promote your brand. For instance, your website will typically serve as the “hub” for all of your digital marketing strategies.

It will show content that draws in audiences and encourages them via a call-to-action, but it also provides search engine optimisation to attract more users from Google searches.

Your articles, products and other content could be shared on social media with the help of widgets, and this brings more traffic to your website.

Integrated digital marketing focuses heavily on linking all of your online presences instead of separating them.

Every social media account should link to other social platforms in addition to your website, and your website content should link to service pages to help guide customers while also improving SEO.

Why Is Integrated Digital Marketing Important?


Many consumers will refuse to purchase a product unless they encounter it multiple times. For example, if someone sees your product on social media, Google searches and advertisements in their YouTube videos, then they’re far more likely to purchase it as opposed to something that only appears once.

This is known as having multiple touchpoints and is the key to exposing your products to a wider audience.

In addition, online traffic comes from a variety of sources and this must be harnessed in order to grow your brand. If your website is the main location for your customers to purchase your products, then you need to understand how they end up there in the first place.

Some customers come from search engines, others come from social media advertising, some arrive from your email campaigns and others learn about you through word-of-mouth. By using an integrated digital marketing strategy, your brand remains consistent across all of these platforms which helps to grow your digital presence as a whole.

Making Use of Analytics

Making Use of Anaytics

Another advantage of using integrated digital marketing comes from analytics. As you combine more systems and processes, you’ll inevitably amass a large amount of data that can be used to make actionable decisions.

With the right technology, your website can determine the source of where your online traffic comes from. Using this data, you can highlight the marketing channels that you perform poorly in so that you can focus on improving them.

Alternatively, you can choose to invest more resources into marketing channels where you excel so that you can capitalise on it.

Likewise, you can use this data that comes from integrated digital marketing systems to tweak your advertising to appeal to the most popular demographics from each marketing channel.

This provides you with a wealth of information that can help you decide how effective your digital marketing strategies are and how much of a return you’re getting on your investment.

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