In business today, we do everything that we can to make life easy. We want to cut down the time that we spend on wasteful processes and save our employees time during their tasks.

We also want to work hard to ensure that the mundane tasks are completed as quickly as possible.

When you are heading up an essential department in your business such as marketing, it makes sense that you would want to maximize your time spent.

It’s vital that you get the most out of every avenue of marketing within your business.

With billions of people using social media

Many small and medium businesses aren’t working hard enough to get the most out of their marketing – despite thinking that they are. Even with positive results with their current strategies, they could be doing more.

With billions of people using social media across more than 175 networks, marketers are not going to find it easy to manage engagement across such a broad spectrum.

A business must engage with as many users as possible, which is why simplicity is key.

Enter: marketing automation.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Anyone who is working in marketing has heard of the phrase marketing automation. The problem is that too many marketers don’t know what it is or what it could mean for a business.

Marketing is the most essential tool that a company could have, and it’s intertwined with the sales side of the business.

When a company launches for the very first time, they’re run with those who build a product and those who sell the product.

Why You Should Be Incorporating Marketing Automation

Sales are the very basics of marketing, and it works to forge relationships with prospective customers.

As time moves on, those relationships are not able to be maintained on a one to one basis as a company grows.

It’s at this time that the marketing team starts to expand to maintain those relationships while building new ones and marketing the company brand.

Eventually, a company grows so big that even one team can’t do the job themselves, and this is where turning to marketing automation is a smart decision.

In essence, marketing automation is the use of software that will streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks so that you can grow your revenue faster and operate at maximum efficiency.

It’s there to convert prospects to customers while you sleep, while generating excellent returns, too. Marketing is vital to help a business to maintain their relationships with customers while remaining ever-present with their audience.

Without an effective marketing strategy, a company will find it harder to engage with customers.

Why You Should Be Incorporating Marketing Automation

Digital marketing platforms have taken over in the marketing arena, but before digital marketing came along, we had manual calling, messaging, email marketing, and more.

The most significant benefit of digital marketing – and why we use it today – is that it can measure human behavior. This helps your marketing team to build products that will work alongside the modern way of living that we have today.

Larger companies often have the human power to provide support 24 hours a day via email and phone.

They also can offer live chat options and be there for customers around the clock.

Smaller businesses don’t often have this level of workforce, though, so they rely on automation to ensure that they can manage the campaigns that they have across multiple channels.

There are many reasons that a business should incorporate marketing automation into their strategy, and these include:


With marketing automation, a company can personalise their messages, emails, calls, and texts to fit the customer directly.

With a specific set of instructions, these are tasks that can be executed automatically, enabling a business to achieve their desired results.

With personalisation comes happy customers who feel essential to a brand. When a customer feels content with the way that a company is treating them, they will be more likely to be converted by the business.


Employees who perform repetitive tasks are more likely to feel bored, sluggish, and unmotivated. This slows their productivity and makes them less efficient in their task.

When you use automation software and techniques, you can perform a repetitive task efficiently, freeing your staff for more critical work to be completed.

Efficiency is key in your business marketing strategy, and without it, you are going to fall behind. The more efficient your business, the more customers you will attract, and you will be able to grow.


Automation is all done via forms and software. So, the software will know what to put into each field after pulling a list of data.

As the software is doing this, there is much less room for human error, eliminating any mistakes that could lose customers.

Not only does automation equal better accuracy, but it also streamlines the tasks in a particular way, executing those tasks in that way. This leads to better efficiency overall.

Marketing Automation For Web Stores

There are plenty of examples out there of marketing automation used for web stores, and given that the internet is unlimited in terms of time, automation is necessary.

People can log in at any time of day, even when your business is closed for the day.

So, marketing automation is necessary for web stores for social media widgets, selling products and things like monthly membership programmes.

If you want people to continue to sign up to your business, you need to have the right automated tools for form filling, visitor identification and even live chatbots to answer questions when your business has closed for the day.

There are a variety of tools at hand that can be used for online ecommerce stores, and these include:

55 percent of visitors leave a website within the first 30 seconds

Email Opt-In

55% of visitors leave a website within the first 30 seconds, and this means that you have a considerable proportion of customers that will go to waste if you aren’t acting fast enough.

With automated email opt-in forms, you can entice potential customers to sign up to your sales emails.

If you want to do more to encourage people, then add in a coupon for money or a percentage off on your website!

Product Recommendations

Product recommendations have been proven in the past to increase conversion rates. Some tools help you to display recommendations with personalized data decisions.

These tools can collect and analyse the buying behaviour of your customers so that you can display the right recommendations for products that will matter.

Cart Abandonment

Lastly, another marketing automation tool includes cart abandonment notifications. The latest rates are that 70% of people will abandon their carts before buying and you need to do something about it.

Follow up on those customers who leave before purchase with an automated email to remind them that they have a purchase to finish.

You can offer incentives to go back to your site, which will engage the customer and convert them.

These tools can all work together to help to improve the customer experience as well as improve the way that others perceive your brand.

Improving The End-to-End Cycle Of The Customer Journey

Customers want everything now. They don’t want to wait, and they don’t want a website that lags when they use it. When a customer is on your website, they are on it to buy something and ensure that they get what they want.

If your company can deliver what they want in a way that makes them feel secure and happy that they have gained what they want.

Marketing automation deals with everything that no one has time for, and your carefully constructed automation will provide your customers with much better experiences.

Effective marketing automation isn’t just about getting results; it’s about companies optimising and capitalising on customer behaviour and using it to convert visitors into customers.

Marketing automation helps you to excel, from the awareness stage of the customer journey to the decision stage where you can turn your lead from a curious visitor to a paying customer. No two customer journeys are the same, and that’s because no two customers are the same.

The way one customer experiences your website will differ from another. This is why marketing automation can improve the customer journey as it’s a personalized path for each customer.

From start to finish, they can experience the site in the exact way that is meant for them.

How Marketing Automation Saves Your Business Time

When you invest in the right marketing automation tools, you will be able to automate some of the most repetitive tools that you face every day.

You can cut back on some of the outsourced tasks so that you can spend time focusing on other initiatives in your business.

With fewer outsourced tasks – like creating landing pages and email templates – you save money.

Alongside this, you can make your sales process so much simpler by nurturing your leads properly. When you automate your lead nurturing, you can use offers that are well-timed and emails that will enable you to increase your bottom line.

This then takes time away from prospecting for leads because marketing automation tools are already doing that for you.

Marketing automation programmes are able to house marketing data from client interactions, customer behaviour.

All of this data is going to create the right, personalized message for each of your prospects.

Using these tools to track responses can make it possible for you to execute actions that are based on lead activity. When you have this centralised database, you have something that flows through every stage of your buying cycle.

Marketing automation does so much for a business, and it doesn’t matter what size the company is, it can help to automate marketing tasks and workflows.

You’ll save time, improve the efficiency of your business, and make more money faster than you ever did before.

As a business, you need to be able to match the efficiency of your competitors, and you can do that and more with marketing automation.

Implementing the right programmes will ensure that you are keeping the customer journey exciting.

They will be loyal to your brand, and they will continue to come back to your site for their purchases if you are offering a service that they can relate to and manage easily.

Marketing automation can help you to get involved with custom graphics and dabble in artificial intelligence.

It can also help you to send out carefully constructed email campaigns that will impress all who have signed up to what you can offer.