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A Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Automation

In business today, we do everything that we can to make life easy. We want to cut down the time that we spend on wasteful processes and save our employees time during their tasks. We also want to work hard to ensure that the mundane tasks are completed as quickly as possible. When you are […]

Top Tips For Implementing Dynamic Content For Email Marketing Using ActiveCampaign

Business owners and brand marketers have been using email marketing for some time already. It’s a surefire way to help increase leads in a really cost-effective way. Not only that, though, but successful email marketing campaigns have been shown to be a lot more effective than social-media-driven strategies when it comes to increasing customer acquisition. […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Marketing Technology In Your Business

How can businesses increase conversions and improve engagement? How do companies provide a better experience for clients? How do you increase efficiency in your promotional campaign for a greater ROI? The answer to all these questions is marketing technology.   Marketing tech may not be the miracle cure for all the issues that could be […]

The Dos And Donts Of Marketing Automation For Your Business

You will have no doubt already heard of “marketing automation” as it is very much the buzzword of the minute. But what exactly does it mean and will it really benefit your business?   Simply put, marketing automation is using technology to help streamline your marketing processes, which can help to free up time for […]

Why Do Businesses Need a Strong Brand?

Why do businesses need strong branding? Is branding important? How does a strong brand make a difference to the bottom line? These are questions that have gone through my head on many occasions. When we think brand, we think about the brands we know; Coco Cola, Marks & Spencer, you know the high street norm […]

Why Your Website Is Your Most Valuable Asset – Website Development

Why Your Website Is Your Most Valuable Asset – Website Design and Website Development I still find it amazing that some businesses don’t have a website or have their first website built ten years ago as their current site! When I started off in business there was no internet so there were no websites. Today […]

JumpDT Unleashes Its Experts At The Great British Business Show Digital Marketing Automation Specialists

Jump Digital Transformation is exhibiting at The Great British Business Show Small to medium businesses can find out how to grow successfully and avoid making painful mistakes, thanks to the expertise available from Jump Digital Transformation at one of the UK’s largest business exhibitions this year. JumpDT, the digital marketing and automation specialists are excited […]

How Business Automation Benefits You and Your Customers

The best way to understand how Business Automation can benefit you and your business is by breaking down what you do day-to-day. For example: If your job function is sales, think about how you currently interact with new leads/prospects and list the steps. If your job function is marketing, think about the process you deliver […]

What is Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle Marketing is a framework for your customers. It’s a process to attract and sell to your ideals customers.  The framework is broken down into four stages and we are going to explain how each stage can work for your business. ATTRACT  You need to capture people’s details. Prospective clients need to be able to […]

Discovering Your Why

Discovering your WHY will elevate your business This is one of the most important pages that you will ever read if you are to elevate your business to the upper levels of competence, motivate your team to success and achieve outstanding results that most never experience. Now that’s a pretty strong statement but read on […]

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