Triangle Nursery

Email Marketing Case Study

Triangle Nursery is a wholesale flower business based in Suffolk selling a range of flower arrangements for events, weddings, to the general public, and florists. They are a family run business and their core business is generated online.

We have worked with Triangle Nursery for the past couple years, primarily supporting their marketing team with online advertising using Google and consulting with the owners with their new website design, build and development.

Over the years, the client has collected customer database of around 30,000. They were sending email broadcasts to their entire database using MailChimp. Unfortunately, they were not able to track which broadcasts were delivering new sales to their website or segmenting contacts by the content they engaged with. The engagement levels were low and the majority of the broadcasts emails appear to be ignored by their customers.

The email marketing case study explains the client’s challenge and how JumpDT worked with the client to implement a solution.


The client wanted to create better engagement whilst improving sales. At the time GDPR was about to be enforced and the client was keen to learn more about their customer interests to ensure they delivered relevant marketing communications.

The first challenge the client faced was to re-engage 30,000+ contacts post-GDPR and convert those contacts into re-engaged spending customers.


During our discovery process, we created a strategy that would upgrade the client’s tech stack.

The first step was upgrading the clients marketing technology to enable automated email marketing and data segmentation.

We moved the client from MailChimp to Infusionsoft by Keap. We then created key campaigns to start the conversion improvement process.

To organise and segment a list size of 30,000 + was a challenge and therefore we agree to offer the entire database a promotional discount in exchange for more information.

The campaign was to built to work alongside the client’s new website launch.

The database was encouraged through an automated email campaign to visit the updated website. 

We created tracking features in the emails that offered those that visited the website, a ‘thank you’ coupon allowing a discount of 15% off all purchases in a given timescale. To claim the discount we created a web form that asked a series of questions about their interests including what they would like to receive from Triangle Nursery. 

Those that did not interact with the first campaign and missed the first discount offer were then dropped into a second campaign to encourage and remind them to visit the website. For customers that did, they were offered a downgraded discount off any order.



During a 5-day campaign launch and sending over 100,000 emails to the 30,000+ database contacts it resulted in £28,000 of additional sales. Over 45% of the database provided information about their interests allowing the client to send relevant and targeted email marketing.

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