Online Property Software Case Study Doubles Lead Generation in 90 days


Konnexsion is an internet-based application (SaaS) designed to help property investors, managing property agents and property managers. The owner had spent the past 18 months designing and implementing a property management solution and now wanted to launch in the market place. 


Konnexsion was new the market with only a hand full of clients.  The business had not officially launched, it had a basic website and very little sales or marketing strategy planning to enable the business to launch.


We started by delivering a full online GAP analysis to analyse market trends, measure how the market needs are being met with solutions similar to konnexsion. This enabled us to find the gaps and opportunities to position Konnexsion.

We worked on improving the company branding and by developing new brand guidelines. Through our consultation, we agreed to change the product name to Konnexsion (formally named Property Manager). 

After agreeing with the branding we re-designed and built a new website and created top of the funnel campaigns to drive traffic and create sales conversions. Using Google and Facebook Advertising we drove traffic to the website and landing pages to capture customer information in exchange for a free trial and/or a live demo.

We developed a fully automated marketing funnel. This allows us to create an aggressive Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign using Google Advertising to position Konnexsion in front of key audiences looking for property management software.

During the GAP Analysis, our research suggested the target audience use basic tools to manage their properties and assets, therefore we created a free trial campaign in Infusionsoft by Keap and fully integrated it with Konnexsion. The aim of this campaign was to convert trial customers into paying.

We implemented a milestones process to help customers of Konnexsion get the most out of the product. As customers completed the steps within the milestone, they are rewarded more free access time and provided special offers to subscribe to a paid version.


During a 90 day period, we were able to launch Konnexion into the marketing place.

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