Commercial Cleaning Company: New Bespoke WordPress Website

Increased Website Traffic by 200%

Commercial Cleaner Company


Cleaning Assurance is a high-end corporate cleaning specialist based in Hertfordshire. They were looking to develop a more corporate and high-end website to appeal to their ideal customers. They were look looking to improve the brand and appearance to a more corporate feel without losing the personal and high level of service offering.


The cleaning services case study walks you through some of the strategies implemented by JumpDT

By addressing the brand and the colour palette to adopt a contemporary styled font, we were able to create a more stylised modern corporate appearance.

The team at JumpDT focused on creating a better customer journey and experience through the website by applying graphics that simplified the visuals. This enables visitors to navigate through the website to speed up and find what they are looking for. This also improved lead generation for Cleaning Assurance.

With a stronger call to action (CTA) and the inclusion of an automated appointment booking system, we created a very simple way for the customer to interact with the business.

We researched and implemented an appointment system called AppointmentCore.

For appointments that were unsuccessful and/or didn’t convert into sales, we set up a monthly email newsletter to keep in touch and continue engaging with the lead.

The project JumpDT completed enabled the client to remain within the normal to day to day business operations whilst creating new appointments.

Additionally, content in the form of business-related articles was published to the website on a weekly basis as well as LinkedIn to inform, answer questions, increase traffic to the website and generate potential leads.


The re-positioning and launch of a new website has created more conversions and several highly lucrative contracts have been won as a result

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