Challenge: To re-engage 30,000 contacts post GDPR and convert those contacts into re-engaged spending customers. We initiated the clients Infusionsoft account and created key campaigns to start the conversion improvement process.

The first campaign was to build around the businesses updated website launch. The database was encouraged through an automated email campaign to visit the updated website. Through this process we offered those that visited a ‘thank you’ coupon allowing a discount of 15% off all purchases in a given timescale for those that opened the email. Those that did not interact with the first campaign missed the first discount offer and were dropped back into a second campaign to encourage them to visit the website and gain a 10% discount off any order.

This campaign was completely automated, ran through 30,000 contacts and resulted in £28,000 of additional sales in a 5 day period. Learn more and click play on the video testimonial below.


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