Challenge: To create more productivity and better sales processes.

Having worked with Sunrock Balconies for over a year we have developed their online digital advertising and awareness. As the business gained more and more leads (around 200 per month) from this service we provide, we discovered that automation was the next step to keep up with the flow of leads.

Working closely with the director of sales we developed both a CRM which previously was built in a word excel document and a process to deliver estimates that would allow the sales team to have more time and become more productive.

Eliminating the excel spreadsheet which was very time consuming became the first focus. We developed the Infusionsoft CRM system to deliver what the client had within this document and more. We then addressed the process of manual email sending of estimates to an automated campaign. The key factor here being that we developed a process of knowing what the recipient did or didn’t do with the estimate and what the next action should be in this instance.

Learn more of how Tim Walters at Sunrock Balconies saw productivity increase plus sales and had the opportunity to take a break while the system supported the business. Click play on the video below.

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