Discover what you need to know to ensure you achieve the success you desire!

Every discovery session is a unique process where we take you on a journey to creating a final brief of actions that will give you a strategy and plan to address the challenges you have.

Our process of discovery is built around the core challenges that many businesses face today which is gaining More Leads, More Conversions & More Productivity. You will also go through the four "P" process that when applied to your business will create a greater understanding of four keys areas that will change the dynamics of your business and it's a success.

Having attended a discovery session with Jump I can truly say that it provided one of the most invaluable learnings and insights into my business practices I have experienced to date. - David Crome - GO Agency


Once we have completed the discovery session we will compile an action plan of activity and create a 30-day plan. This plan will be focused on addressing the current challenges and gaps identified in the discovery session.

Essential to the success of the digital and marketing automation will be the campaigns that we build and implement. These campaigns will align with what we find in the discovery session. Infusionsoft implementation, integration and campaign building will be at the heart of what we build as a sustainable automated marketing solution for you.

For the duration of the 30-day action plan, you will have access to our highly skilled digital automation and marketing team who will work closely with you to ensure your digital transformation is seamless and remains on plan.


The team at Jump Digital Transformation will complete a soft launch and perform split tests to ensure the strategy and implementation is effective. Once the test phase is complete we will create a 90-day plan to adhere to. We want to make sure that you meet your goals. Therefore, we will track and measure campaign engagement, lead sign up and conversion rates so you know how effectively your campaign performs.


We will continue to manage, optimise and run campaign split tests to ensure your marketing campaigns meet the KPI's set for the 90-day plan.

The success of the 90-day plan rests upon 4 key metrics:

  1. Subscription metrics: How many people are subscribing to our email list and social media pages on a weekly basis?
  2. Lead generation metrics: How often does paid advertising content lead to an increase in website viewers and offer sign ups?
  3. Consumption metrics: How many people are downloading and using the offers?
  4. Sharing metrics: How relevant is this content, and how often is it shared with others?